Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The airdales coat

In color
this should be a deep, rich tan on the head, face,
chest, legs, and under parts, while over the back
is a saddle of black or iron-grey. Personally, I
like the black more than the grizzle, for it makes
a prettier contrast with the tan, but " a good
horse cannot be a bad color." The Airedale's
coat is (or rather should be) double. The over-
coat is of hair like wire, stiff and hard, about an
inch long all over the dog, except on the skull
where it is shorter. Under this jacket of wire,
there ought to be a vest of soft, woolly hair.

If you can collect in your mind's eye all the
above details of description you should see a big,
strong, compact, businesslike dog, full of the
proverbial up-and-ever-coming spirit that inspires
all terriers. His every movement shows strength,
yet he always moves in that effort-economizing
way which is the very personification of grace.

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