Tuesday, August 31, 2010

more history on the airedales

By birth and breeding the Airedale is a sport- 
ing terrier. A dog bred originally to do the
work of a vermin destroyer, he has taken nat-
urally to all kinds of game. In the Rockies, he
is used on bear, and he has won a name as a dog
of exceptional brains, unfailing courage, and re-
markable stamina at work from which no fool,
coward, or weakling comes home to supper. On
the farms of New England, he is cherished as an
exterminator of wood-chucks, moles, rats, and
vermin of this class. He hunts all the way down
the scale from the giant " silver tip " to the
mouse in the pantry mountain lions, wolves,
panthers, lynx, wild cats, foxes, coons, skunks,
rabbits, mink, what not, each and all he hunts
with equal gusto and success. Is it any won-
der that though the Airedale is only a little over
half a century old his fame has spread from pole
to pole?

The Airedale is a dog that no one can know
well without becoming his friend, but all his
friends do not know him well. For this reason,
and because so much depends upon one's first
dog, it seems particularly necessary to give some
advice to intending Airedale purchasers, whom
we may divide into dog owners and kennel own-
ers. By a dog owner I mean one who wants an
Airedale or two as a companion, guard, and all-
round dog. Kennel owners are those who intend
keeping, breeding, and showing or hunting sev-
eral dogs.

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