Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The biggest and best terrier airedale

 The biggest and best terrier  indeed fits 
him to a T, but it does not convey any very defi-
nite idea as to what he should look like. Even
his most enthusiastic admirers never claimed
beauty for the Airedale. He is not pretty, un-
less we acknowledge that " handsome is that
handsome does," and can see the beauty of per-
fect symmetry under wiry coat and odd coloring.

A good Airedale is about as big as a pointer;
somewhere in the neighborhood of forty-five
pounds, a little more for a dog and a little less
for a bitch. His head should be long; the skull
flat and broad; the cheeks smooth; the muzzle
strong with tight lips over big, white, even teeth.
His eyes should be small, dark, and full of fire
and his ears little, carried high, and shaped like
a V, for nothing can so detract from the correct
terrier expression as large, light eyes and houndy
ears. His front legs ought to be a pair of gun
barrels, straight and strong and about the same
thickness all the way down. His shoulders are
like those of a race horse, long and sloping;
while his pads should be firm and hard, not those
loose, sprawly feet sometimes seen.

The only kind of a back for him to have is
short, and his ribs must be well sprung. A long
backed dog lacks staying qualities, and a slab-
sided one has not the room for lungs. His chest
should be deep, but narrow, and he should be
slightly cut up in the loin not the wasp-like
waist of a greyhound, but no better is a body
like a stovepipe. His hindquarters should be,
strong, with the hocks quite near the ground.
The Airedale that does not carry a gay tail is a
delight to no eye.

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